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Tibialisstimulering for analinkontinens (fekal hastverk)

1) Transkutan vs perkutan tibialisstimulering mot fekal hastverk:

George at et al.: Randomized controlled trial of percutaneous versus transcutaneous posterior tibial nerve stimulation in faecal incontinence Br. J surg. 2013 feb; 100(3):330-8

2) Transkutan tibialisstimulering mot fekal hastverk:

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3) Perkutan tibialisstimulering mot fekal hastverk:

Hotouras A et al: Prospective clinical audit of two neuromodulatory tretaments for fecal incontinence: Sacral nerve stimulation (SNS) and percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation (PTNS). Surg Today, 2014 May 5th

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